An international success

5231 visit Persontrafik 2022 to meet new suppliers, obtain new knowledge and discover smart new solutions - all with a view to development and finding new ways to offer attractive, eco-friendly and adapted solutions that place the passanger front and center. 

Top-level contacts
At Persontrafik you'll meet responsible politicians, relevant public agencies, traffic planners, operators, drivers and other important decision-makers. They come to see whats new, exchange eperiences and gain a clear picture of what the market has to offer.

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5 231 visit
956 conference participants

On show at Persontrafik

Buses & other vehicles │ Taxis
Rail-based veichles IT │ Traffic information
Traffic control │ Charging infrastructure
Combined mobility │ Environmental technology
Dial-a-ride & school transport │ Vehical equipment & interiors
and much more

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