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InformNorden – 20th annual conference

InformNorden brings together people in the Nordic countries – Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway – interested in and devoted to making public transport more attractive and efficient by using the very best of modern information technology.

This year InformNorden celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since 1999 InformNorden has addressed IT-managers and experts from the Nordic Public Transport family with its annual conference.  
InformNorden has developed from being a meeting place for discussion and learning about passenger information and e-ticketing, to now being the most important IT-conference in the Nordic Public Transport sector.

In Stockholm InformNorden will provide you with an update of the latest developments from the Nordic countries within a variety of themes:

•    Artificial Intelligence strengthens the Customer service and Information channels
•    Big Data, machine learning and automated processes
•    Transport industry in change: Open data, MaaS ecosystem, Autonomous vehicles
•    New services for Mobile Customers

All InformNorden presentations are held in English.

More about InformNorden
InformNorden has encouraged public transport authorities to express mutual require¬ments on IT equipment and IT services and by this made it easier for suppliers to develop better solutions with faster time to market. Another important aspect covered by InformNorden is to learn from each other’s experiences, sharing knowledge and ideas.

In the last few years we have seen how digitalisation, connectivity, cloud based services, artificial Intelligence and improved software has changed our perception of how to develop our industry and communicate with our customers and staff.
Operators and public transport authorities have realized how important it is to offer their customers the best of technical
solutions in order to provide high-level service.

This year’s InformNorden will focus on how we work and how we utilize the potential of new technology. Are we able to transform ‘lessons learnt’ from one project to another? How can we take advantage of similar IT-cases in different countries and cities?


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